milk directly from the best producers in Italy

Hard cheese with buffalo’s milk

Pasteurised whole cow's milk cheese

Mixed cheese made from pasteurised whole cow's milk and sheep's milk

Fresh table cheese with an edible rind, aged for less than 60 days

Long-life, highly-traceable UHT milk with 3.6% fat

Drinking yogurt, packed in 250g capped PET bottles

Good and Honest

Why good and honest?

“Latte Onesto” is

100% GOOD because…

  • 100% Italian certified by Lombard and Emilian breeders
  • checks on processing, traceability and retraceability
  • high quality standards defined by the production agreements

100% HONEST because…

  • supports agriculture, the environment and the economy of its territory
  • sensitises the consumption of the territorial product

The supply chain that was not there

In order to be able to identify their product with the “Il latte onesto” brand, our producers must adopt a production specification and implement the provisions indicated throughout the production cycle.

These indications regulate general conditions, operating methods for the production and microbiological, organoleptic characteristics of high quality UHT milk intended for consumption, guaranteeing:

  • high quality standards
  • certified Italian quality
  • safeguarding of food
  • care for animal welfare

Sustainability of the territory
the environment
and agriculture

Tradition, talent, technology and territory: a high-value project for the consumer who buys a genuine product and for the manufacturer who offers a high-quality product. But the protagonists of the project are also the environment and agriculture. Territorial sustainability passes through conscious and careful choices of the subjects involved:

farms in possession of a BRAND CODE and a COMPANY CODE whose applications for membership have been accepted as they comply with the requirements of the disciplinary adopted;

the transporters, selected logistic operators who interface between breeders, collection centers and production plants;

the production plants where raw milk is processed and yogurt and cheese are produced.

"Il latte onesto”: excellent raw material

"Il latte onesto” is 100% Italian with an eye to the future because...

  • it wants to give ‘tomorrow’ to our land
  • it wants to feed in a genuine as well as a good way
  • support Italian agriculture
  • protects our territory and our products

The “Onestina” cow is the symbol of our country, guaranteeing 100% made in Italy of products that excel in freshness, quality and safety.